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Author: Kelly Haggerty

  • SB 1137 Update and the Continued Fight

    California Secretary of State Shirley Weber announced on February 3, 2023 that more than 623,000 valid signatures were gathered. Voters will decide if the bill stays November 5th, 2024. In the meantime, SB 1137 is not currently active. This pause does not mean the battle is over. Gavin Newsom is sending out emails asking for […]

  • Windfall Profit Tax in California May Come Back Via a “Penalty”

    As if SB-1137 isn’t enough to fight against, in October 2022 Gavin Newsom wanted to bring back the Windfall Profit Tax to California’s oil and gas industry. Throughout the process of getting this approved, that tax changed into becoming a “civil penalty.” This may be thanks to Proposition 13, which requires two-thirds approval from California’s […]

  • CalGEM Declares Emergency to Adopt SB 1137 During Referendum Signature Count

    The California Geology Energy Management Division (CalGEM) announced its’ proposal to adopt emergency regulations for implementation of Senate Bill 1137 requirements. If approved, SB 1137 requirements will take place “no later than January 7th.” We have 4 days (January 3rd) for Californians to express dissent against CalGEM’s emergency regulations.   In the public comment section of […]