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CalGEM Declares Emergency to Adopt SB 1137 During Referendum Signature Count

The California Geology Energy Management Division (CalGEM) announced its’ proposal to adopt emergency regulations for implementation of Senate Bill 1137 requirements. If approved, SB 1137 requirements will take place “no later than January 7th.”

We have 4 days (January 3rd) for Californians to express dissent against CalGEM’s emergency regulations.  

In the public comment section of CalGEM’s reasoning for emergency declaration on pages 1-2  it states California Code of Regulations Title 1, Section 55, subdivision b(1)-b(4) which can be found here.  

Please make sure to email both the Office of Administrative Law ( and the contact person for CalGEM, Justin Turner ( Make sure both the subject line and your email state “SB 1137 First Emergency Implementation Regulations / Notice of Proposed Emergency Rulemaking Action.” Mention you are a California, voting citizen.

Now is the time for our dissent to be heard, but we must do so in a respectful manner.  If you are a California voting citizen, please comment!  For those out of state, please let Californians know about this so they can comment before the deadline! 

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